Target species:

For use in cats and dogs.


Oral. Palatable, tasty powder you pet will love.

Product facts:

Lyophilised ox powder with over 60% in proteins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acidsvitamin A, vitamin B group, iron, phosphorus and trace elements.

Healthy Pets formula includes a balanced proportion of vitamins and biotin, essential for a proper functioning of skin, hair and nails.

B complex vitamins: hydrosoluble  vitamins essential in mammals for correct body processes. Recommended for anaemia, weakness, post-trauma, after surgery, stressful events, and for a healthy, shiny skin and coat.

Biotin or vitamin H: part of the B-complex family, it is essential for hydrated skin, helping it remain smooth; for the hair, reduces hair-loss, and gives it shine and silkiness. It also makes nails stronger. Biotin intervenes in enzymatic processes including the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Zinc gluconate: zinc is essential for normal growth and development, and normal body functions in mammals. Stress, gestation, rapid growth, poor appetite, or excessive calcium intake can result in zinc deficiency. Physical signs include: injuries around eyes and mouth, sores in the pads, thick and rough skin, and skin infections.

Healthy Hair is recommended to improve alopecia in cats and dogs, to reduce the loss of hair during seasonal hair loss, or just to improve our pets quality of hair. It is recommended alongside treatments for several skin and hair conditions.