There are four basic points to take into consideration when travelling with our pet. Firstly, out pet must feel relaxed in the car. A good way of showing our pet that travelling in the car is a pleasant experience, is by making short trips regularly, so it gets used to it. Secondly, we must ensure our pet cannot move around the car loose to avoid distractions and accidents. There are special seatbelts and crates to restrain our pet without harming it. Thirdly, it is a good idea to reduce our pet´s energy level by taking it for a walk or a run before entering the car; if this is not enough, a few drops of passiflora extract taken orally or lavender oil as aromatherapy can be of great help. And finally, it is never a good idea to take our pet on a car trip with a full stomach, however, remember to hydrate your pet regularly.